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We’re looking forward to a great time at Bikes on the Bricks this, weekend Sept 7-8, in downtown Flint, MI. If you’ve never attended this event, don’t miss it! You’ll meet so many great people with a passion for biking. There will be a lot of bikes on the road both in Flint and the surrounding area, so riders and drivers alike should be mindful to pay attention to the road. Have a great, safe weekend and we’ll see you on the bricks!!!

Quick Facts:

  • 2016 saw the highest number of motorcycle fatalities since 2008
  •  About 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in injury or death compared to approximately 20% of automobile accidents
  •  Roughly 78% of fatal accidents are head-on collisions
  • Of that 78%, one of the most common instances is when a motorcycle tries to pass another vehicle

In the unfortunate event that you are in an accident and someone else is injured, the last thing you want to worry about is what your insurance is going to cover. Having the broadest possible liability limits with an umbrella policy is the best way to protect against a “worst case scenario”. For more information, call one of our amazing insurance agents at 800-644-6030.


Charles Williams

Charles Williams

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