Joan Starking : Personal Agent

Six years ago, Joan Starking (affectionately known as Joanie), was doing marketing for another company. Her job required that she regularly meet with folks at Al Bourdeau Insurance Agency. Joanie recollects that each time she visited our offices everyone was so kind and professional that she decided to come work for us!

Joanie is now a licensed personal lines agent, and she loves talking with people and helping them understand and feel better about their insurance. She frequently receives thank you notes from clients for patiently explaining their insurance and that type of response really makes her day.

Family is incredibly important to Joanie and she adores her children and grandchildren. Her garden is also important to her, where she grows vegetables and roses. She also has a passion for cooking – specifically baking – which everyone in our Flint office can attest to. She’s always bringing in homemade snacks and tasty treats to share with everyone!

When she’s not in the office, in her garden, or chasing her grandchildren around the yard, you can probably find Joanie swimming in her daughter’s pool or helping her amazing mother, who is 93 years young.

Whether it’s her baking or her personality, Joanie is easily one of the sweetest insurance agents around, and we’d like to thank her for everything she does for her clients, for our agency, and for all the tasty snacks – Thank you Joanie!

Robert H. Bourdeau

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